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#23 Posted by Iosif
20th October 2007 - 06:07:07 PM

Buna ziua,
este o surpriza nemaipomenita sa vad ca PETELEA are un site propriu. BRAVO! Ma bucur foarte mult (sunt la origini petelean, dar nu am mai fost "acasa" de foarte mult timp. Felicitari tuturor celor care au contribuit la realizare!!!! Poate stie cineva care mai e soarta unor prieteni din copilarie: Mihai Bercea.... Vasile Nistor... Vasile Simon... Pia Moldovan (din cate stiu medic la TGM).... m-ar bucura sa primesc vesti.... Va multumesc si tuturor numai BINE!

#22 Posted by Rita --
08th September 2007 - 08:46:48 PM

Hi Hans-Juergen,

I've just replied on your private e-mail address.

Best regards,

#21 Posted by Hans-Juergen Bracker
02nd September 2007 - 11:27:25 PM

hi everybody,
I wish to inform you that recently a book has been issued in Germany about the last saxon protestant pastor of Birk/Petele before 1944: Friedrich Benesch. Author: Hans-Werner Schroeder. Verlag Johannes M. Mayer, Stuttgart 2007.
Benesch was also a Nazi. Can anybody ask parents or other relatives, who lived in Birk and still are alive, what they know about him?
I would be very thankful for any response.
Thanks and best wishes to all,

#20 Posted by Sebastian Dienesch
02nd January 2007 - 02:34:01 AM

hi i want to send best wishes to birk.
my grandfather, andreas dienesch, lived there with his brothers michael and johann, his parents were michael and maria (not sure) dienesch.

my grandfather now lives in marktsteft near wuerzburg in germany. his brother johann too. his eldest brother michael is already died. he was living in the usa.

so now i finish ;)

08th July 2006 - 03:39:28 PM

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